Argalios | Handwoven Clutches

Argalios merges Greek traditional weaving techniques with a modern flair. It’s a family company that creates handmade clutch purses on a traditional wooden loom!

Argalios was founded in 2013 and continually creates absolutely beautiful designs with superior quality. So much so, that it has partnerships with the renowned Benaki Museum of Greek Culture.

It all started at Christmastime in 2011 at the home of Elias and Katerina Politis, in the region of Piraeus, Greece. They brought a children's loom as a gift to their six little children. That ignited a passion for creation, everything handmade, and a revived love for tradition… but the experience also renewed the childhood memories of grandmother Katerina weaving on the loom in the shadow of Meteora.

After researching traditional Greek designs from every corner of Greece, Argalios was born. Katerina directs the creative part of the business [design, weaving, construction] and her husband Elias handles communication, product promotion, and the purchase of raw materials. Today the Politis family dedicates itself to the revival of traditional loom techniques.

Argalios has won the trust of all of us who value craftsmanship, and recognize the effort and time it takes to make these beautiful, artisanal-quality purses.