Colour Greece | The Colouring Travel Guides

Have you ever conceived of a blue Parthenon? Or a yellow Caryatid? Now you can become the co-author of your own travel guide!!

An innovative project, Colour Greece - The Colouring Travel Guides - aspires to create a new trend in travel guides, offering an alternative way of reading, learning and touring in Greece! A great gift for the whole family!!

All you need is to pick your favorite coloring pencils and color your own journey to Greece any way you desire!

These guides address a wide range of ages, from kids to seniors, bringing fun and education to your traveling experience!

Vasiliki Tzora and Avrokomi Zavitsanou, the duo behind this unique and innovative idea, are both architects, and they say: "What we’ve learned from our studies in architecture is that the world around us is not about lines, shapes, and forms, but it’s about the way people interpret them and the stories they build around them".

So, what do you think? Want to learn more and color Crete, Athens, Santorini or Thessaloniki?

 It's your call and your journey!