Loom % | Feel our Loom

 "You cannot create the future unless you know what has preceded"

Thus, in order for someone to understand the concept of LOOM% and the way in which it is being transfigured into art, they have to take into consideration the main characteristics of the culture of weaving. A culture that dates back thousands of years and that has evolved and survived throughout the years, like a living organism. Because that is exactly what the art of weaving is. A living organism that depending on the time in which it lives, it draws inspiration and it creates images, designs, patterns, colors and trends all the while always keeping humans, society and civilization in the foreground. The art of weaving is the cornerstone of civilization and tradition, a chain which actually links one generation to the next!


We are fortunate to collaborate with cultural associations for which we weave traditional costumes from every “corner” of Greece, so we have a very rich material in techniques, colors, shapes and trends, which we also use in our own creations. It’s important for anyone to know that the patterns that grace Hellenic hand woven textiles are mostly geometrical shapes, stripes and schematic representations of humans, plants, animals and objects. Our creations are in selected concept stores all over Greece, at the shop of the Acropolis Museum and at online stores www.feelourloom.com and www.TheElysians.com. Of course we are lucky enough to cooperate with several architectural offices for which we create decorative woven housewares upon request.

The loom is not only creativity but also psychotherapy

Above all we are very proud because our experience as textiles teachers for people with disabilities and motor problems has demonstrated how beneficial this art can be to this vulnerable groups. Its members soon improve their visual and emotional coordination, memory, cognitive functions and psychological well-being.