LOOM% Handwoven Bags, Shawls & Belts

Welcome to the world of LOOM%! A world where the web of seduction is being woven. Anastasia Xenaki and Petros Christoforatos, a.k.a The Loomigans, are behind LOOM%. Their workshop was born in 2016 with the sole purpose and objective to bring out the art of traditional weaving through contemporary needs and demands. In their workshop they combine the patterns of the past with the colors and trends of today, staying faithful to the rules of the art of weaving.

As much as they love electricity and its uses, none of their looms operate on it. LOOM% uses the best materials (cotton, silk, wool, etc.) and they complete the whole process on traditional, wooden looms, operated manually with the use of “muscular” power --and always in collaboration with skillful craftsmen, tailors and tanners.