MagnaDi | Greek Silk Scarves

Margianna Dragoumanou, the founder and designer of the silk collection MagnaDi, reveals through her contemporary designs her passion and nostalgia for Greek art and culture. She conjures a colorful, mythical world reminiscent of the blue Aegean Sea and its islands, bringing us the warmth of summer.

Given the place she grew up, Nafplio, a seaside town with a strong historical element, she learned from an early age to value nature and cultural traditions. 

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Greece, she continued her studies in the UK with a master’s degree in Marketing and Management, followed with design studies at the University of the Arts in London.

Her working experience alongside a well-known independent London artist, and then a prestigious interior design company in Chelsea -- in addition to the influence of her artistic mother who drew on silk -- had a major impact on her, and gave her the motivation to combine her cultural influences and her creative skills to produce something authentic, true to her Greek heritage and to her passion for history and myths.

All her scarves are hand-drawn and then digitally printed on silk that is produced in Soufli, in northern Greece. Back in the day, Soufli was a well-known region for textile companies and manufacturers of Greek silk. Today, there is only one textile mill left in Greece which produces silken fabrics and has all the equipment needed for digital printing.

Thus, MAGNADI was born!