Margianna Dragoumanou, the founder and designer of the silk collection MagnaDi, reveals through her colorful contemporary designs her passion and nostalgia for Greek art and culture. Given the place she grew up, Nafplio, a seaside town with astrong historical element, she learned from early age to give value to nature and cultural traditions. 
After completing her bachelor degree in Business Administration in Greece, she continued her studies in the UK with a master’s degree in Marketing and Management, and followed withdesign studies at the University of the Arts in London.
Her working experience alongside a well known independent London artist, and then a prestigious interior design company in Chelsea -- in addition to the influence of her artistic mother who drew on silk -- had a major impact on her, and gave her the motivation to combine her cultural influences and her creative skills to produce something authentic, true to her Greek heritage and to her passion for history and myths.
All the scarves are handdrawn and then digitally printed on silk that is produced in Soufli, in northern Greece. Back in the day, Soufli was a well known region for textile companies and manufacturers of Greek silk. Today, there is only one textile mill left which produces silken fabrics, and has all the equipment needed for digital printing.
Therefore, MAGNADI was born.



I am Alexandra Theohari and I am the founder and designer of KLOTHO.
KLOTHO was founded in 2016 in Crete, a place I now call home, although I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, a town in Northern Greece. I found myself in Crete after completing my degree in English Literature. I went on studying the History of Arts at the University of Crete and a few years later I attended a course on Fashion Design.

On this magic island, full of positive energy, friendly people, strong local color and ancient tradition, amazing landscapes and fertile land, I met
my husband and gave birth to our four beautiful children. I easily fit into the local culture and soon felt a strong attraction for the island’s traditional crafts.

The day I accidentally found myself at the weaving studio of the Monastery of St. Irene in Rethymno was fated. I was impressed and inspired by the fine textures, the exquisite quality of fabrics coming out of huge looms, destined to become habits for priests. I was convinced that these looms could source the raw material for highend, artisanal garments possessing cultural value at the same time.

A few days later I had renovated my grandma’s loom and I started working and experimenting under the guidance of the nuns who are top weavers -- I really owe them a lot. That was just the beginning of KLOTHO’s journey. At the moment we have three wooden hand looms in production mode and we are experimenting on an inkle loom.

My team of weavers, creative directors, digital marketers and I work hard to present a modern and fresh attitude for our weaving items while maintaining an heirloom quality.

KLOTHO has already gained media attention and has been featured in several magazines and documentaries.

My ambition is to run a conscious and thoughtful brand, hopefully global, that will treat weaving not as an art intended for museums but as a living art aligned with our daily lives and modern lifestyle.



Thiki [θήκη]: the Greek word for case.
Thiki is inspired by Greek history, the deep blue sea and our unique bright light;
Everyday objects, such as phone cases, pillowcases, purses and tote bags, designed with a minimalistic and classic yet totally contemporary aesthetic.

                             COLOUR GREECE

What we’ve learned from our studies in architecture is that the world around us is not about lines, shapes and forms, but it’s about the way people interpret them and the stories they build around them..

That is why we created these unusual travel guides!

They inspire you to colour your own journey the way you want, all the while guiding you through many beautiful places. This way, you get to be the co-author since your colour palette will make each book unique! A Colouring Travel Guide combines the relaxing pleasure of a colouring book and the thrill of wandering and discovering what a travel guide offers.

So.. what about a blue Parthenon?! Or a yellow Caryatid?!

It's your call and your journey!

Dots. Art for all

Dots .Art for all conveys messages and wishes written in the Braille code, the language of the blind , Sign Language, the language of the deaf, and various symbols, a unique and innovative idea in the field of art and fashion.

Embossed in silver or brass, silver-plated, gold-plated or gilded and combined with laces, colors and semi-precious stones, they appeal to all those who support diversity and want to make sense of their jewelry.

With a simple style, few words and many meanings, symbols and dots jewelry,
Dots. Art for all prompts us to see the world with other eyes ....... an effort through art to convey the message of equality and parity and to contribute to social awareness and integration.

Maofi Eugenia, veiled behind this idea, studied Psychology and worked in Special Education for over 20 years. Inspired by alternative communication systems and driven by her love for people with disabilities, she wanted to support diversity through art by creating the Dots . Art for all collection, which is continually renewing and enriching itself.

She works with organizations that train or offer work to vulnerable groups so that part of the revenue is dedicated to support their programs.


Myrto Arvaniti | Handcrafted Products

My name is Myrto Arvaniti, and I studied Graphic Design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens and I attended courses on Fashion Design.

In the last three years my need for expression and creation pushed me to design and create handcrafted bags and accessories for my brand “myrto arvaniti”. I get inspiration from the different textures you can find in natural materials, the colors of Greek nature, especially the Greek summer, as well as from elements end patterns of Greek tradition. One of my main purposes is to design unique accessories in modern and minimal lines that combine high quality materials and fabrics. In my collections, every modern woman finds the perfect style for her everyday life. 

HOLYWABBIT - Poppy Chasioti

Hi all. My name is Poppy Chasioti, aka Holywabbit, and I'm a Greek artist, based in Athens, Greece. I was always drawn to color and shapes and when the time came, I decided to study fine art, which I did at the  École Supérieure d'art et Design de Saint-Étienne, France, and De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. There, I took part in various exhibitions, before deciding to return to Greece and set up my studio in Athens, where I work on my Holywabbit project and theatre.

Welcome to the Holywabbit universe; a world full of imagination, dreams and a little dose of reality: Sculpture and painting on various surfaces and materials, each one telling a different story. It's the right ingredients that can ignite the spark to create a nice tale; an intense nightmare, mythical creatures, an interesting person on the street, my friends -- all colorful and theatrical, sometimes quirky and even grotesque. And most of all, unique. Enjoy.