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How did Zeus abduct Europa? How did Hercules fight with the Nemean lion? Was it easy for Theseus to win the Minotaur? In this amazing paper cut series, kids can construct their own puppet heroes and create their own stories! All you need is imagination, glue and a pair of scissors!

This set of two hand puppets is easy to make, easy  to handle, and fun to play!

Designed by Sofoklis Ampatzidis

MyGreekGames is a series of board games, hand puppets, puzzles and playing cards. Products that entertain children (adults as well) and at the same time, provide knowledge on Greek mythology and history, with an artistic twist. It’s the lovechild of Effie Karagouni and Christos Papachristou, two creators with a passion and respect for the arts, museums, the history of Greece and above all, with a deep love and caring for children and their education. They are all very good friends from way back, and they both come from the world of arts. Effie is an architect with a Masters in industrial design and Christos, has a Bachelors in illustration and design.