KEY SUN Printed Silk Twill Scarf | by MAGNADI

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KEY SUN is a pattern inspired by the Aegean Sea and its enduring Sun.
The Greek key design symbolizes infinity as well as the eternal flow of life. Many people believe that the Greek key represents the eternal bonds of friendship and love.
The circumpunct (or circle with a dot) is an ancient symbol representing the sun or creative energy.

100% silk twill. 

Available in Navy Blue, Olive/Sage, Pink, or Coral - 35 or 13 inches square.

Hand finished edges.

Hand wash cold, line dry.

Designed by Margianna Dragoumanou for MAGNADI.

Made in Greece with Greek silk.


Margianna Dragoumanou, the founder and designer of the silk collection MagnaDi, reveals through her contemporary designs her passion and nostalgia for Greek art and culture. She conjures a colorful, mythical world reminiscent of the blue Aegean Sea and its islands, bringing us the warmth of summer.

All her scarves are hand-drawn and then digitally printed on silk that is produced in Soufli, in northern Greece. Back in the day, Soufli was a well-known region for textile companies and manufacturers of Greek silk. Today, there is only one textile mill left in Greece which produces silken fabrics and has all the equipment needed for digital printing.