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Sterling Silver Unisex Bracelet- LOVE in Sign Language | by Dots. Art for all

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Sterling Silver Unisex LOVE bracelet, made in accordance with Global Sign Language.

Available with an adjustable cord in black or red.

Made in Greece by Dots. Art for All.

With a simple style, a few words and multiple layers of meaning and symbolism, Dots. Art for all prompts us to see the world with different eyes -- an effort through art to convey the message of equality and parity and to contribute to social awareness and integration.

Designer Eugenia Maofi studied psychology and worked in Special Education for over 20 years. Inspired by alternative communication systems and driven by her love for people with disabilities, she wanted to support diversity through art by creating the Dots. Art for all collection, which is constantly renewing itself. Eugenia also works with organizations that either train or offer work to vulnerable groups, so that a portion of her sales are used to support their programs.